Hair Removal: The Secret To Every Girl's Amazing Skin

Unwanted hair stands as a huge obstacle in the way of fashion for women. A lot of women are always struggling to figure out ways to get rid of the unwanted hair in their bodies. Unwanted and excessive body hair limits the proper usage of the wardrobe of a woman. Women plan their dresses according to their hair removal schedules.

Here is a guide to complete hair removal. Get rid of all the unwanted hair at all the places of your body and enjoy using your full wardrobe without any concern for embarrassment.

Professional's Guide To Hair Removal

If you are comfortable with having body hair, you can choose not to remove it. However, if you aren't quite pleased with the excessive hair on your body and want to have a skin as supple as the bottom of a baby, give this article a read. There are some ways in which one can choose to remove body hair. You can either use a razor to shave the hair off, rip the fibers out of the roots either by using wax or carefully tweezing them off. You can also opt for a laser treatment for a permanent solution. There are also a number of hair removal creams available on reviewsicon which contain chemicals that can make the hair dissolve at the surface of the skin.

Various Techniques For Hair Removal

  1. Tweezing: For the best results, mark with a pencil where you want the eyebrows to begin and where you want them to end. Once you are satisfied with the shape of the brow that you have drawn, pluck the excess brows which sprout beyond the mark.
  2. Waxing: This technique involves pouring hot wax over an area and then placing a strap over it. Once the strap is pulled, it pulls out along with it all the excess hair from the root, leaving the area clean. However, one shouldn't try to wax on her own. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a professional. A single drop of misplaced wax can leave a nasty patch on your body. The hair that grows after waxing is much more sparse and finer. The hair starts to thin out more and more each time.
  3. Laser treatment: Are you tired of your girlstaches? Say bye bye to your girlstaches for a year by using laser treatment. Laser treatment helps to provide a permanent solution by wrecking the hair right at the root. This prevents the hair from growing back. However, laser treatment is expensive. If you want to consider a more economical technique, you can use hot wax. Laser treatment helps to destroy the hair follicles. Thus, many women have said that there is barely any hair growth in the treated parts even after they have stopped their laser treatment for a while.
  4. Shaving: Lubricate the area of your body from where you want to remove unwanted hair — larger the body part with soap or shaving cream. Once you have done lubricating the area, move the razor first in the upward direction and then downward. Also move the razor sidewards. This will help to hit the hair-growth patterns of different kinds. Always remember to change the razor of the blade at limited intervals in order to avoid inflammation of the follicles or any kind of infection. Doctors always cringe the idea of shaving unwanted hair off the body. They say that repeated use of razor makes the texture of the hair very coarse.

The Most Successful Hair Removal Treatments Opted By Women

Women prefer various forms of hair removal technique for different parts of the body. Have a look at what suits which are the best.

  1. Tweezing Or Threading For The Brows: Laser treatment is way too expensive for a brow shaping session. On the other hand, waxing becomes a bit risky for the brows because it is a minute area. A single drop of misplaced hot wax can spoil your entire look within seconds. Hence, tweezing or threading helps the best when it comes to shaping eyebrows.
  2. Waxing Or Using Laser Treatment For The Forearms: Razor can make the texture of the skin very coarse. Shaving results in the growth of prickly stubble which is extremely difficult to deal with. Waxing or laser treatment helps the best when it comes to the removal of excess hair from the forearm. Repeated waxing helps to make the hair thinner. Laser treatment, if repeated for quite a number of times, can destroy the hair follicles and restrict the growth of excessive hair in the forearm. The same applies to the unwanted hair in the legs.
  3. Shaving For The Legs: Shaving is an economic and fast method which helps to get rid of the unwanted hair on the legs very easily. Using a shaving cream makes the procedure even easier because it helps to eke out a few extra inches of hair that might be deeply rooted in the skin.
  4. Waxing For The Bikini Area: Although the bikini area can be made free of excess hair by a number of methods, the most suitable hair removal technique for this area is waxing. Waxing the bikini area is extremely easy and yields fuss-free results.

Tips For Waxing:

  1. Always remember to spread the wax in the direction of the hair growth.
  2. Apply some lotion after the waxing procedure is over.

And Here Come The Party Crashers!

A few random strands of hair are bound to pop up here and there unexpected, especially when you least expect them to show up. These hairs are usually found in areas like the chin, nipples, toes and such areas that are inconvenient to shave or wax. For such cases, the best option is to pluck or tweeze them.

However, if you want to end the trouble with this kind of hairstyle for good, you can opt for electrolysis. Electrolysis is the only technique by which hair can be removed permanently. In this technique, an electrified needle will be inserted into the follicles of the hairs that you want to be removed. Hope this article gives you an overview of the various ways by which you can eliminate unwanted hair.